New miniguide: Keep on moving:
This guide will show you how  
to keep some movement in your
HDRs due to your movement, and
not the movement of objects in
the frame..
You will also gain insight into taking
pictures for HDR while standing on
moving places.

New site for beginners: Læ
In Danish. The very best news for all
beginners in photography: A brand
new site with lots of articles, guides

and advises. All in danish and written
in a clear language.
You can also find reviews and
buy E-books about photography

Review: Takumar 200 mm f/3.5
Asahi Takumar (Pentax) is behind
a great number of wonderful lenses
and the 200 mm f/3.5 is one of them.
The lens was produced to 1961, it
has 19 blades in the aperture and
is a true knockout.
Rating 3.5 / 5

HDR works- see how well:
See samples of the fantastic world
world of HDR and compare the HDR
to what would have been the result
not using HDR.
Here we compare the 0 EV picture
with the HDR. Prepare yourself;
you will be amazed.

Free guides to photography:
Get all the very best tricks for HDR
photography for free!

The guides are between five and
twenty pages covering many
subjects. Lots of pictures and the
text is easy to read.

Guide to HDR using Iphone:
You always have your phone with
you and that gives you the posibility
to take HDR images. 
With great results. Leaarn how to and
discover a new world easily and ready
to go.


Become a better photographer:
Most of us will learn more easily and,
effectively when we do in stead of
The workshops will combine doing
and hearing to an effective blend of
new knowledge and many many new
We offer seminars and workshops. Some workshops are four-six hours
others are ten-twelve hours; stretching two day or more.

New books - sneakpeaks! All in Danish
Do not cross the stage - art is on its
way. New books are written every

day and you have the opprtunity
to follow the process.
Be the first to see drafts and please
comment what you see.
But remember: The pages are drafts
and mistyping, -spelling and even
mistakes might occur.